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Goldrun Online Quiz

This is a project developed as part of a team during my Honours Degree in IT Creative Multimedia in LIT. It is an online quiz game based on an original concept developed called "The Quiz of Consequence". The game was built using programming languages Actionscript and C# and hosted on PlayerIO which is a development platform for multiplayer online games.

Skills Developed:
  • Programming in C# & Actionscript 3
  • Player IO Database Design and Implementation
  • Design Process
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphic Design

Fooble IT Social Media App

For my fourth year final project for Honours Degree in IT Creative Multimedia in LIT, I created a social media web app that incorporated feeds of Facebook and Twitter into a single feed and allow the user to post their status updates, comments, links and photos or pictures that they wish to share. Google Plus was used at the time but it was only read only and posting from third party apps was not available yet i was able to get the stream to show. I also created a bitly shortening capability which connected with bitly API which gave back a shortlink which could be used for posting and monotoring of link activity.

Skills Developed:
  • Programming in PHP
  • API programming
  • Facebook SDK for PHP & Graph API
  • Google Platform & Google Plus API & PHP
  • Twitter libraries PHP SDK
  • OAuth 2.0 protocol authorization flow
  • Bitly API
  • JSON Manipulaion
  • Composer, Symphony, Github, Sublime
  • Larvel routes, views, controllers and templating

Design & Prototype an App


The User would be a Developer, Graphic Designer, Programmer or Web Designer where the Category Type could be set up for individual specifics on work type. The User will be able to enter in the Clients name, add Category types on the website and make major changes on the website. The Website will have more accessibility to edit and delete information, update stats and work done details, Hourly rate and hours worked for either Client or Category type. The website will allow for different queries and for invoicing clients on work done and hours worked and total due.

The App is an add-on to the Website for Personal use in tracking time worked on Products development. On the Web app the user can have an overview of client, category type, priority of work, hours worked and Work Rate. The app will allow the user to add client & category type and set Work Rate, the app will allow to set a start time and allow the user to come back later and set the Finish time. The images below are the wireframes and proposed look and feel of the main supporting website... show wireframe images

Fig2. - Click image for Flow Details

User Needs:

With the Time Tracker App the user needs to be able to quickly add Clients and the specific type of project undertaken and then be able to start or set times for start and finish work to be able later to create queries for billing the Client and show hours done on project... show more

Fig1. - Database functionality.

Technical dynamics

The app will be able to connect to a database through a server and up dates will be sent when user presses the confirm button and information will be processed and updated in the main database which can be viewed in more detail on the website where more functionality will be allowed... show more

Devlopment Process

During the development process of the app some key principles of interaction design had to be adhered to;
  • The app has to effectively deliver what it is meant to
  • Identifying needs and establishing requirements of the potential user of the design so that they can be assed for functionality
  • Develop flow designs of the app that meet the above requirements
  • Continue evaluating the design throughout the development process

Movie Title Sequence

Great Escape Summary

Based on a true story, "The Great Escape" deals with the largest Allied escape attempt from a German POW camp during the Second World War. The first part of the film focuses on the escape efforts within the camp and the process of secretly digging an escape tunnel. The second half of the film deals with the massive effort by the German Gestapo to track down the over 70 escaped prisoners who are at this point throughout the Third Reich attempting to make their way to England and various neutral countries.


For the Movie Title Sequence of The Great Escape I wanted to protrait the sense of movement with the central idea of being trapped in the camp and hostile German teritory but yet with the sense of escape and hope of freedom. I needed to include the concepts of teritorial maps, capture, prison camp, guard towers, barbed wire, spotlights, baseball, escape tunnel and escape transport. The narrative that i was trying to convey was primarily the escape theme but also to incorporate the story into the intro sequence. This was achieved with research on the movie and backgound history and sketches on layout for the storyboard. I would like to thank Thomas Vent for his kind use of and an amazing Soundtrack - The Great Escape which gave me inspiration on designing the title sequence. The scenes where created using 3D Max and Adobe Photoshop and compiled, sequenced and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Movie Trailer

Project Description

The brief required the creation of a trailer for a movie using footage from the film. The trailer had to portray to the viewer a sense of what the film was about and also had to contain a sense of drama. It was to be created using Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro.

  • Watch the Movie
  • Identify the main points of the story
  • Include the Age certification and Production details at the beginning
  • Create the trailer in Adobe Premier Pro / After Effects
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Editing Process
  • Photoshop titles

Video Soundscape

Project Description Soundscape Foley

This project involved the creation of foley (a technique of recording sound in post-production) audio for video sound effects. Production included creating a sound plan for sound or effects needed for individual parts. These could of been real sounds or created sound effects or foley mimic sounds. Planning the sound design which involved planning for timing, scenes and sounds and looking at all aspects of background, foreground and FX sounds and trying to mimic them and record live samples. Planning all snippets of sound which would be needed to complete a 360 soundscape or design. Post Production of these sounds included cutting, arranging and adding various sound elements to fit the movie, adjusting sounds ADR and syncing to individual parts. Layering and editing the sound elements to fit into the relevant frequency spectrum using software tools, mixing and contrasting the sounds to create a Video Soundscape to maximum effect.

Soundscape Audio

Soundscape Audio & Theme Music

WordPress Skills

Skinning - Base theme customisation

Installation of WordPress and use of a responsive base theme for customisation, The base theme provides basic WordPress functionality and Twitter Bootstrap framework. A Wireframe of page layouts of the desired designs to customise the templates and style. Using Photoshop to slice up a the wireframe page layouts into its component parts in order to apply styling to the base theme. Uploading the images either by FTP or through wordpress to use with css styling.
Build and style the page layout template for the homepage integrating the coded and styled header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php. Building the navigation system and styling it to match wireframe colours. Styling the page templates adding in shortcodes for sliders, php code for search function and or photo gallery shortcode.
Setup of custom fields and include them into code in relevant page templates for functioning in wordpress panels. finally populate the pages of the website with the relevant content and setup of email, then formatting SEO settings in all relevant areas for images, links, articles, posts, keyword setting and url settings to maximise Google searchability.

Custom Fields

Creation of user friendly custom fields where the admin can easily change headings, image or text through the wordpress admin panel. Creating the field group to create the custom fields and use settings to setup display options for customisation for viewing. Setting the location type and display options and then displaying the ACF data in website in the relevant template using the set field names php ( the_field(''), get_field('') ).

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

This is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. via natural or un-paid (organic or algorithmic) search results in search engines.

Setting the URL permalink structure and site settings
Optimizing Titles for SEO - title, permalink and snippet(meta description).
Keyword, Focus keywords, phrase are included in meta description, heading, page title, first paragraph and URL.
Keyword density in the written text.
Outbound links are included.
Images to contain alt and title tags with target keyword or phrase.
Optimising individual Posts.
XML Sitemap.
Page Titles and Article Headings.
Categories and Tags on Posts.

SEO platform and search analytics firm Searchmetrics 2014 SEO Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations report The study, which is focused solely on Google results, found high-quality, relevant content ranks better on average and also that the well-optimized technical performance of a page contributes to a good ranking.

Relevant Content Tips 2014 - 2015
  • Include semantically comprehensive wording
  • Implement higher word counts using relevant topic terms
  • Use multiple media types

Jung Explorer Test
Actualized type: ESTJ - "Administrator". Much in touch with the external environment. Very responsible. Pillar of strength. Practical, realistic, matter-of-fact. Decisive, quickly move to implement decisions. Organize projects and people to get things done, focus on getting results in the most efficient way possible. Take care of routine details. Have a clear set of logical standards, systematically follow them and want others to also. Forceful in implementing their plans.

test taken at

ENTP - Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them strategically. Good at reading other people. Bored by routine, will seldom do the same thing the same way, apt to turn to one new interest after another.

- test taken at

ENTJ - Frank, decisive, assume leadership readily. Quickly see illogical and inefficient procedures and policies, develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organizational problems. Enjoy long-term planning and goal setting. Usually well informed, well read, enjoy expanding their knowledge and passing it on to others. Forceful in presenting their ideas.

- test taken at

Myer Briggs Types:

Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I)
Sensing (S) or Intuition (N)
Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)
Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)